Window Lead Supplies for Australia



Lead dykes are designed to cut lead either straight or at an angle like a pair of scissors. Our Lead Knife is designed in a half-moon for easy of cutting lead, it also has a weight on the handle for tapping in horse shoe nails. Horse shoe nails are available in shopping cart. Cement Brushes are used for applying the cement mixture into the gaps between the lead and the glass to stabilise and seal the project
Artisan Lead Dykes Image
A$13.75 (inc GST)

Artisan Lead Dykes
ART003: Artisan Lead Dykes

Bench Brush Image
A$13.81 (inc GST)

Bench Brush
ARTBB: Bench Brush

Black Plastic Handle Wire Brush Image
A$4.57 (inc GST)

Black Plastic Handle Wire Brush
WB: Black Plastic Handle Wire Brush

Drill Mounted Lead Brush Image
A$48.62 (inc GST)

Drill Mounted Lead Brush
ARTDM: Drill Mounted Lead Brush

Fan Out Lead Knife Image
A$29.25 (inc GST)

Fan Out Lead Knife

Flux Brush Image
A$0.65 (inc GST)

Flux Brush
FB: Flux Brush

Large Cementing  Brush Image
A$8.00 (inc GST)

Large Cementing Brush
TBGLN: Large Cementing Brush

Lead Vice Image
A$15.00 (inc GST)

Lead Vice
CH LV: Lead Vice

Small Cementing  Brush Image
A$4.90 (inc GST)

Small Cementing Brush
ARTSB: Small Cementing Brush